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Guru Bahasa Inggris

Hello UPI English Teachers!  Are you an Exciting English Teacher? Feel free to join our team, we are looking for exciting teachers to join our Jakarta, Bekasi, and Bandung branches. We are looking for exciting, energetic, and fun English teachers. We are looking for full-time teachers or if you are still studying at UPI, you can also apply as part-time teachers.


What you need to do as a teacher here is very simple. You will meet a lot of students with different backgrounds. You will help them to get better at speaking English. Make sure you know what your students need because each student usually subscribes to different learning programs at Golden English. Here we have an active communication program, English exam preparation programs, English for kids and teens, English for Business, and many more. Also, you need to provide them with counseling regarding their studies and write some reports about their academic performance.



Our requirements for teachers are:

1. Candidates should have at least B2 CEFR English proficiency Proven by English Proficiency Test Scores (IELTS Academic, TOEFL IBT, TOEFL ITP, English Score, etc.)

2. If you don't have any, please take your time to take EF Set, English Score, or Cambridge Test your English.

3. Candidates should be engaging, fun, and interactive.

4. Candidates should show a willingness for personal and professional improvement.


Catatan Umum

As a full-time teacher, you can request where you want to work. We offer overtime bonuses and other bonuses, THR, dormitories if needed, and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan for our full-time teachers. You can choose to work in Jakarta, Bekasi, or Bandung.  For part-time teachers, we suggest that you work in the region where you live in now. 

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan


Your responsibilities will be

1. Teaching English according to the program given to you

2. Assessing students' performance

3. Providing academic consultation for students.

4. Attending teachers' training for professional development.

How to Apply for Full-Time Teacher Position 

You can apply by sending your resume, application letter, and relevant documents by filling out a form



How to Apply for Part-Time Teacher Position 

You can apply by sending your resume, application letter, and relevant documents by filling out a form



Also, you can provide a short English teaching video, it can be a teaching class you have taught before or a teaching simulation.

Apply soon! We cannot wait to have you as a part of our Golden English Family.  If you have questions regarding our vacancy, feel free to contact our Academic Staff, Luthfi Nicola Sereni - 0897 8825 101